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Clarice Risseeuw

Nature offers beautiful examples of iterative design processes. It is inspiring and full of exciting alternatives towards sustainable ways of living.

Clarice Risseeuw is currently a PhD candidate in the field of biodesign at Delft University of Technology. Her research focuses on exploring the potential of Flavobacterias living colour. She obtained her masters degree in Integrated Product Design as well as her bachelors degree from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

During her studies in Delft and an exchange programme at the NTNU (Norway) she became increasingly attracted to biodesign, combining her passions for both design and nature. She started working with Flavobacteria during her graduation project, in which she captured and characterised this microorganisms vivid structural colourations. Afterwards, she joined Caradts Biobased Art and Design research group for one year to continue her research in collaboration with Ward Groutars.

Still amazed by this beautiful microorganism, Clarice started her PhD project with Flavobacteria in March 2022 within the Materials Experience Lab.

Clarice Risseeuw in MI Lab

Clarice Risseeuw is involved with the following projects: