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Material Incubator

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Elvin Karana

The dynamic relationship between humans and living artefacts will continue to evolve reciprocally with mutual care.

Elvin Karana is Research Professor of Caradt’s Biobased Art and Design research group, bringing together researchers and practitioners from Avans University of Applied Sciences, and Delft University of Technology. She received her PhD in 2009 from Delft University of Technology, where she is also currently Full Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Giving emphasis to materials’s role in design as experiential and yet deeply rooted in their inherent properties, Elvin explores and instigates sustainable and regenerative shifts within and between materials science and design for materials and product development in synergy. In 2019, she founded the creative biodesign research lab Material Incubator, that aims at designing materials that incorporate living organisms and exploring their potential in fostering an alternative notion and living experience of the everyday.

Prof. Karana published a vision document describing the research strategy of the group Biobased Art and Design. Read it online or order a printed copy at the Caradt office.