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Developing the best mycelium biocomposite – A MNEXT Research Project

Project Leader(s):

Francisco Ortega Exposito – Researcher

Ilse Rovers – Researcher (Project start-up)


Research Professor(s):

Frank Huijben – Professor of the Biobased Building Research Group at MNEXT

Principle Investigator(s):

Shannon Peuling – Researcher

Simone van den Broek – Researcher

Lennart Zoeter – Researcher

Neha John – Researcher

Francisco Ortega Exposito – Researcher

Stefano Roccio – Researcher

Winfred Sonsma – Researcher



Project period

March 2022 – March 2024


MNEXT (formerly named CoE BBE) aims to help accelerate the energy and (biobased) material transition, fuelled by complimentary collaborations with companies, organisations, and knowledge partners. MNEXT is a partnership between Avans University of Applied Sciences and HZ University of Applied Sciences


In Mythic we develop the best available mycelium biocomposite, which can be used as a circular, biodegradable insulation material in the construction industry. We focus on making mycelium biocomposite with thermal insulation and moisture absorption, as well as developing a more energy efficient, less water consuming, and faster production process. Economically, further information is needed to ensure that the material is more widely accepted across the market. Part of the Mythic project is to design the material in ways that encourage interest and desire for the material’s use within the home environment.

Climate change and the depletion of Earth’s resources are widely recognised as the greatest societal challenges. The construction sector is responsible for 40% of global resource consumption. If no new technologies are applied, emissions from building materials are expected to double by 2050 (EC, 2021). Furthermore, based on the environmental cost indicator, insulation has the second largest impact (after concrete) on the environment.

In recent research projects, partners concluded that Mycelium biocomposites have great potential to replace traditional fossil-based insulation materials. We strive for a product that can be produced directly for use in biobased construction projects.


This project brings together various partners to work on different aspects of the project, from the production of mycelium composites to its application. Some partners have worked with MNEXT before, while others are new partners in research. There are several SMEs from the Netherlands and from abroad (Nylausn in Iceland, Mogu Srl in Italy), as well as industry organisations and knowledge institutes, both from the biobased world and from the conventional building materials world. We work together with Utrecht University for microbiological knowledge. For market research, MNEXT collaborates with Avans’s New Marketing lectorate, which focuses on sustainability through biomimicry. Mycelium composites and natural products for construction is the theme that binds all partners. All partners are listed below.

CBM, Stichting Agrodome, NII, FRAAI architects, Impershield BV, Isolco BV, Mogu Srl, Verbruggen Substraat BV, Verbruggen Paddstoelen BV, Nylausn, Recell BV, Fairm.